FS: Gaming Systems, DVDs, & External HD

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01-06-2008 07:03:12

All pictures can be seen here http//www.flickr.com/photos/23426451@N05/


[b1c4f543c58]Gamecube & Gameboy Color[/b1c4f543c58]
Along with that I am selling my Nintendo Gamecube black model with a Gameboy Color. I didn't use it much so it is in great condition. This will come with all the cords, memory card, NBA 2K2, a game carrying case and 2 controllers. The Gameboy is green and comes with Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Silver, & Toy Story 2. Accessories include a speaker/magnifying screen for better playing and a rechargeable battery pack with a wall charger (you can play without batteries by using the wall charger itself). Looking for at least ~$100 shipped for both.


Accepting offers as well. I wouldn't mind trading items for an Xbox 360 either. Looking to sell these as they are grouped. Payment via Paypal and shipped via USPS w/ tracking number.


01-06-2008 07:45:07

$30 bucks for that portable hard drive, $60 is way too much.


01-06-2008 08:47:00

I searched Google and it was going at $80+, ebay around ~$50 + shipping. I'll accept offers, but $30 is too low.


01-06-2008 09:32:41

How much for the Family Guy DVD collection?


01-06-2008 13:54:47

I'm looking for around $100 for the whole set. Seems like it goes for around ~$20 on ebay per volume. Accepting offers though.