FS:DVDs Transformers, SpiderMan3, Fantasic4, KnockUp, Evan A

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28-05-2008 19:26:48

Hey i got 5 brand new dvds, never open, still sealed..
Transformers (2007), SpiderMan3, Fantasic4 Rise of the Silver Surfer (the newest one), Knock Up Unrated and Unprotected, Evan Almighty
All im asking for it is $40 for all of them, and $5 shipping..

I also have a used Gamecube that works fine, comes with an official gamecube controller (no fake crappy controller) comes with all the cords.. And 2 extension cords (one of the two is new still sealed)
Im asking for $17, and $5 for shipping for it.. Reason im selling it is because i just bought a PS2 this past weekend, and i already have a Wii, so i don't feel like having 3 consoles, to many things for a small room lol.

If you get all the movies and the gamecube, ill sell it all for $65 with free shipping D


30-05-2008 01:14:13



02-06-2008 14:29:14

are the dvds normal or bluray?


02-06-2008 23:51:42

[quote9c07ccf102="HotGifts4You"]are the dvds normal or bluray?[/quote9c07ccf102]
Normal dvd (


03-06-2008 06:24:28

I'll give you $6 for knocked up.