FS: Martin OMCXK2E Koa Orchestra Acoustic Electric Guitar

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18-05-2008 17:31:05



19-05-2008 07:35:13

beautiful sounding guitar.


19-05-2008 07:54:34

Beautiful looking as well. I wish I coould play. I'd buy it.


19-05-2008 14:32:23

I wish you did too because I really don't think anyone's gonna bite. (
Guitars don't seem to do so well on eBay. I just paid $1,700 on a Stonebridge 23CR a few months ago which was the absolute cheapest I could find it. About a week later, I found one on eBay, brand new, though the body didn't have a cutaway... the auction started at around $400 less. I watched it for a few days and no one ever bid on it.

Edit BTW, you think that sounds nice, you should hear my 23CR. It's amazing! I just ordered a Fishman Rare Earth Blend acoustic pickup/condenser mic combo. The pickup sits in the soundhole while the flexible, mini condenser mic is tucked inside. I also ordered a Shure SM81 mic, for a more dynamic sound seeing as how I'll have 3 different sources for recording. Plus, a Presonus FireBox audio interface for my Mac. I plan to put several songs on youtube. Some Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee and Don Ross.