3000 Pepsi Points for sale to be used on pepsi stuff website

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08-05-2008 15:08:51

I have 3000 Pepsi points that I am looking to sell. They are in the form of Pepsi codes that are worth 5 points each so that is 600 codes. I will send the codes as a text document or if you prefer directly to your email. The points can be redeemed at www.pepsistuff.com which has partnered with amazon.com to provide the gifts.

I only accept Paypal payments from verified members.

Here's a preview what pepsi points can get you
li V-MODA freq ear buds - 150 points ($30 on amazon)
li Sony AM/FM CD alarm clock - 150 points ($40)
li DVD Movies - 90 points (worth ~$15)
li CDs - 60 Points
li Zen Stone 1 GB MP3 Player - 175 Points.
li Kingston Data Traveler 2 GB USB Drive - 75 Points.

I am willing to sell the points in smaller quantities for $25 per 1000 points.
For all 3000 points I am willing to sell for $70


08-05-2008 15:30:45

Where did you get the codes that are worth 5 points each? I thought they were only worth 1 point for caps and 2 points for 12-24 packs?


08-05-2008 15:46:38

He got them from a bot. Now let's think logically about why he'd want to sell them.

a) he can't redeem them himself because his account has been placed on hold, or
b) he likes to lose money, or
c) they don't actually exist

But, in any case, they're not tangible, and therefore not saleable.