DEAD: Free Hitman download off itunes

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07-05-2008 17:52:25

"Thanks to a little glitch in iTunes, Apple is treating you to a free download of the movie “Hitman.” All you have to do is open iTunes, click iTunes store, look for the “Browse” on Quick Links in the right hand side. Than, select “Movies” and then “Thriller”. Look for the title “Hitman”. You will see it is free. Just click “Get Movie” and you can download the whole version of Hitman for free." - mental_flaw on SD


Not the greatest flick but it's free (many of you can just download it through other means but whatever). It's a 1 gig download. It is on and off so you may need to try several times. If it works for you right away, great, but don't waste too much time trying to get it.


07-05-2008 21:54:46

Isn't it DRM'ed, so Apple can just disable all those licenses?


07-05-2008 22:06:55

Arg I'm wishing I had iTunes right now. But meh, I can always rent it later. Cool though. Thanks for sharing heheheheheehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe (love typing your username P).


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Yep, sorry it's dead now.