August Is 35% Off ALL Bath Salts!!!

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[b0ca4d9b94f]SALES DETAILS[/b0ca4d9b94f] [i0ca4d9b94f] For the WHOLE month of August, you can get 35% off ALL Bath Salts!!! And now you can get FREE 7-10 Day Delivery with ANY ORDER! Place your order with me for fastest response time...[/i0ca4d9b94f]

I run a small business called Moonlight Radiance. We sell body oils, bath salts, milk bath salts, brown sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, and hair oil treatments. All of which will be 100% pure and organic. And ALL made from scratch to order.

Let me give you a bit of information that might surprise you. Did you know body oils can soften and condition your skin BETTER then some marketed lotions? [b0ca4d9b94f]That means when you go out and get a tan, my body oils help keep your skin even, toned, and strong while helping to protect from dry out, peeling, and over-tanning. This works on [i0ca4d9b94f]ALL[/i0ca4d9b94f] tan types from spray-on to tanning bed to natural good old sun bathing.[/b0ca4d9b94f] And did you know that there is possibly an essential oil to cure any one or multiple problems? Did you know Rosemary, yes I said ROSEMARY, can be used as an inhaleant to help with bronchitis or asthma problems? It also works as a simulant proven to help people remember things better and longer. Or that Ylang Ylang can actually help lower blood pressure due to its natural sedative ablities? Did you know Star Anise helps soothe muscle aches and joint pain? All these wonderful things can be unlocked to you through the use of body oils.

Why settle for chemical based scents that are stale compared to the true scent found in body oils? Why pay $15-20 for a name brand massage oil that only gives you man made scents and manfactured oils, when you can have a 2 oz. bottle of pure, organic body oil for only $10. And not only can you buy a premixed blend (or Preblend, the name I gave them) but you can create your own blend at NO EXTRA CHARGE. So you can either buy my Orangade for $10 or you can create your own special blend at the same price! Isn't it just wonderful!?! And now with more possiblities on my website, I'm SURE I have a body product to please everyone. You can find all my Preblends listed on my website.

Want to soak in the tub? My bath salts will deliever you from the stress of the day. Want extra soaking power so your skin will be TWICE as soft? My Milk Bath Salts will do you good. Not a "bath" person? No worries, scrub down with one of my salt scrubs to lift away all those dead skin cells and condition and soften your skin. Skin too sensitive for a salt scrub? Try my brown sugar scrub, scubs the surface more gently but gives you that same radiant glow afterwards. More concern about your hair then your skin, try one of my hair oil treatments. They will help strengthen your roots while soothing your hair to wonderful baby softness.

We also have Pre-Grouped Giftbags of Body Oils which are listed on our website or you can create a custom giftbag. You can order a custom giftbag with any products that you want in it BUT the giftbag has to be AT LEAST $25 in value before you get a 5% giftbag discount. If you order a custom giftbag of $50 in value or more, you get a 10% discount. ALL giftbags include

-Chinese Take-Out Style Giftbag (unless other wised stated)
--A small box of chocolates
---A small teacandle

You can order extra chocolates for $2 each and extra teacandles for 50 cents (.50) each.

Prices are as followed
Body Oils are priced 1/2 oz. for $4/2 oz. for $10

Bath Salts are priced 2 oz. for $8/4 oz. for $11/8 oz. for $17

Milk Bath Salts are 2 oz. for $9/4 oz. for $12/8 oz. for $19

Salt Scrubs are 2 oz. for $8/4 oz. for $11/8 oz. for $17

Brown Sugar Scrubs are 2 oz. for $6/4 oz. for $9/8 oz. for $13

My Hair Oil Treatments are 1/2 oz. for $4/2 oz. for $10

"Preblend" Scent List
1. Orangade Sweet Orange, Lemon

2. Gingersnap Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemon

3. Passion Incarnate Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Balsam/Musk

4. Mother Earth Lavender, Rose Geranium, Rosemary

5. Hard Dayís Night Star Anise, Eucalyptus, Lavender

6. Sleep In A Bottle Lavender, Rosemary, Star Anise

7. Sexy Innocence Ylang-Ylang, Vanilla

8. Sweet Lemon Pie Lemon, Vanilla

9. Spiced Orange Cake Sweet Orange, Clove, Vanilla

10. Swirlie Orange Smoothie Sweet Orange, Vanilla

11. Oceanís Kiss Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lemon

Essential Oil List
1) Ylang-Ylang
2) Sweet Orange
3) Nutmeg
4) Clove
5) Balsam/Musk
6) Eucalyptus
7) Cinnamon
8 )Star Anise
9) Lavender
10) Rose Geranium
11) Rosemary
12) Ginger
13) Lemon
14) Patchouli
15) Vanilla

Due to problems with coding on my website, you can only order my new product line VIA the "Your Blend" page. I'm sorry for this incovenience!

You can place your order with me directly through here (PM) or the following IM systems

Yahoo MLRadiance
AOL IM/AIM honeiroasted

You can also send me an email= at at

Once I get your order and confirm it, I can send you a paypal request to your email for the money owed. I can accept money orders/cash through the mail BUT you must place your money order/cash in the mail with a delievery confirmation (USPS) or tracking code (UPS, FedEx, DHL). Once I see proof that you have put the money in the mail, I'll ship your product to you with a delievery confirmation (USPS) so you can have proof that your product is in the mail.

Please, go check out my website at My Business Profile at http//[]http// or http//[]http//


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[quotec7aaa4b0e9="ESMcCready"]Yahoo mspacmansbitch[/quotec7aaa4b0e9]

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Hey...its a personal yahoo ID that I use so sue me lilolli

I don't like having multiple IM names and so it was either give out the name or lack a yahoo ID for people to contact me about this.


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For a second, I thought you were selling organs.


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I wish...then I could sell a kidney for 10k a piece! lilolli


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[quotef0eb7ce2f3="ESMcCready"]I wish...then I could sell a kidney for 10k a piece! lilolli[/quotef0eb7ce2f3]

i may or may not be able to get you one


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[quoteabab964f50="ESMcCready"]I wish...then I could sell a kidney for 10k a piece! lilolli[/quoteabab964f50]
10k? I got 2, only need 1!


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lilolli Ezekial...we'll put your kidney on the blackmarket. I'll cut you in 7k. Deal?


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Sounds good!

I got some other organs I could go without )


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Do you excessively smoke, drink, or eat greasy foods? lilmaoli


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[quote36dc1ff8ab="Vector"]It is times like these when I look up to Tom Hanks and think...

Do you have an appointment??[/quote36dc1ff8ab]



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