FT: 30/80GB iPod Videos

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02-05-2008 13:29:21

Pictures of the iPod(s) http//www.twelve41.net/ipod/

I am looking to get an iPod touch 8GB. It can be the original software release, I do not mind as long as the condition is great. I have either a 30GB white iPod video(+cash) or an 80GB black iPod video to trade. Either one will come with a dock, usb charger, a/v cables, and a remote for the dock. The 30GB has the original box, 80GB does not have a box. No headphones on either as well.

ALSO, I am looking to buy a current generation iPod shuffle (not pink/purple).


05-05-2008 19:53:24

Interested in the 80GB unit, will be a couple weeks till I get my TraInn site done and money though, you can get an iPod Shuffle pretty cheap from Apple