Gucci Shoulder Bag for sale!

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01-05-2008 15:16:29


Never ever used. Take a look.

$895 bag. If someone wants it here, make me a DECENT offer. The bidding is set for 7 days.


01-05-2008 15:39:49

If that is your auction, you need to put 100% Authentic.


01-05-2008 15:42:50

opps opps

Yeah I forgot to do that, thanks for the reminder.

+k )


02-05-2008 21:26:51

God damn. I had no idea purses cost that much fucking money!!! I was lucky enough to win my ex a coach purse on the boardwalk out of a crane machine. $900 for a bag?! Jesus! I guess if you got the extra money and wanna look fly, then its all for you. I'm just happy im not a girl D hahaha