FS: Nintendo Wavebird

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05-04-2008 18:34:20

hello, I have a gray Wavebird, that I no longer need. I got rid of my Gamecube and wanted to keep the Wavebird for my Wii, but I just don't use it. Slightly used, and tested to work perfectly. Controller shows no signs of wear. Pics available. I'm asking $35 shipped, or best offer.

unknown uchiha

07-04-2008 00:09:10

20 shipped?


08-04-2008 22:11:41

$35 shipped is a great deal compare to those ebayer lol, im thinking of buying it from you, maybe though..


08-04-2008 23:15:26

25 shipped

unknown uchiha

10-04-2008 01:46:23

26 shipped!


10-04-2008 16:52:19

I'll lower to $30 shipped....


10-04-2008 20:00:00

have you heard of... EB, gamestop, Japanese Imports, ebaY?


10-04-2008 21:11:05

have you heard of... EB, gamestop, Japanese Imports, ebaY?[/quote10252fe942]
What are you trying to say? Are you speaking towards the buyer or seller? If its buyer, they cost more money if you go to ebay etc.. And hard to find in a game store. And if your talking to the seller, well gamestop and stuff dont give you crap for trade in, and ebay does give you around $50 but some people dont like the hassle of ebay..


11-04-2008 12:44:44

The seller is looking to get more then the going rate P