A few dress shirts...

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03-04-2008 01:09:15

I have these shirts and I need to get rid of them...

The first two are Black Label Ralph Lauren shirts

This is a Burberry
[img84474e27ba]http/" alt=""/img174.imageshack.us/img="174/7210/dscn0921yj9.th.jpg[" alt=""/img84474e27ba][=http//img="174.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn0921yj9.jpg][img84474e27ba]http/" alt=""/img174.imageshack.us/img="174/7210/dscn0921yj9.th.jpg[" alt=""/img84474e27ba]

This is a Lacoste

This is a Regular Ralph Lauren meaning Blue label
[img84474e27ba]http/" alt=""/img174.imageshack.us/img="174/6574/dscn0923kt8.th.jpg[" alt=""/img84474e27ba][=http//img="174.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dscn0923kt8.jpg][img84474e27ba]http/" alt=""/img174.imageshack.us/img="174/6574/dscn0923kt8.th.jpg[" alt=""/img84474e27ba]

All of these shirts are the exact same size which is large Neck 17 1/2 and sleeve length 36/37.

The Regular Ralph Lauren shirt is a 34/35 sleeve and a 17 1/2 neck though.

I am willing to entertain all serious offers above $45. If you do make a offer though please do so openly that way no business will be done behind anyones back.

I am selling these because they were purchased in Italy by a assistant of mine and it is not worth it for me to try and return them there. The sleeve length is too short for me on all of these shirts.

I would like payment via paypal and this will protect us both as the seller and buyer. If you are a reputable person whom has a stellar trade record I will consider shipping first.

Any questions just ask



03-04-2008 06:09:50

You have an assistant buying you dress shirts in Italy?

You tried selling a full range of ralph lauren/lacosts/burberry polos here earlier that everybody assumed was fake so sorry if I'm a bit skeptical with this too.


03-04-2008 06:26:13

I am sure you were also skeptical when you attempted your first freebie site... There are still many whom visit here daily who are skeptical of giving them a go.

I sold those polo shirts some 5 months ago I think maybe longer. I explained exactly how I purchased them.

^I also above explained how these were purchased, what the issue was and the reason for me trying to get rid of them.



03-04-2008 07:21:42

Let's not draw parallels to freebies, this is not related.

Being skeptical means I am not entirely convinced by the explanations given. I've seen polo shirts like the ones you posted earlier being sold out of cars. If I were to ask these sellers if they were real, what do you think they'd say?

Who knows, maybe these are real. I just found it odd that you were selling a full range of polos earlier. My goal here isn't to hurt your business but to protect our members. Buying name brand clothing from a non-established retailer or random person on the net is risky so buyer beware...


03-04-2008 10:59:17

The Lacoste looks fake fo sho....

I will pay 15 per shirt.


06-04-2008 08:59:45

get your tr up maybe ppl will believe you lmao, and if you have an assistant y are u on fipg.