Over 20 HD DVD movies 4 CHEAP! Planet Earth, Bourne, more

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25-03-2008 15:55:38

All movies Below are HD DVDs...in perfect condition with original cases.

Perfect Storm -$8
Sleepy Hollow -$8
Dreaming Arizona -$5 (documentary)
Babel -$8
Nine Inch Nails Concert -$10
Sky Captain and World of tomorrow -$8
Batman Begins -$10
Sahara -$8
Flags of our Fathers -$8
U-2 concert -$10
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang -$8
Swordfish -$10
Searchers - $8
Knocked Up -$12

Buy all of these HD DVDs for $150...All prices are OBO so please make an offer. Thanks

Used 20GB Ipod photo 2nd Gen. Comes with usb cable, wireless remote, and Apple branded case-$75 (OBO)

I also have a 6' brand new HDMI cable out of my Olevia TV box. I already had one. This is a good quality one not a GE or something.

HDMI 6 ft -$30 (OBO)

VGA 7' -$15 (OBO)

Size XL Umbro England soccer jacket, brand new.

http//i15.photobucket.com/albums/a364/supersponger1979/P4010003.jpg[" alt=""/img013b0c2a36]

[img="013b0c2a36]http//i15.photobucket.com/albums/a364/supersponger1979/P3300228.jpg[" alt=""/img013b0c2a36]


25-03-2008 17:37:23

Your thread seemed lonely,
So congrats!


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31-03-2008 11:16:06

New stuff added!


02-04-2008 09:38:11

If no one wants it, I guess I can just donate it...


04-04-2008 16:01:08

HD DVD movies added


05-04-2008 07:22:38

$8 shipped for "Flags of Our Fathers"

I'll take it.

No scratches on the disc and no damage to the case, I assume?


08-04-2008 10:01:58

No one?