FS: NEW Intec Wireless Gamecube Controller (with rumble)

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19-03-2008 12:08:33

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Hi i just got a brand new wireless Intec controller.. I have no use for it since i bought 2 other wireless controllers from eBay last week. Why did i even buy this controller? Well i was searching for these other controllers (that i had a long time ago, so i like those other 2) but i never found them so i gave up and bought this controller.. Then later that night the other controller i really wanted, i found on eBay. So i dont need so many controllers and selling this one, its brand new/ factory seal. I'm asking for $15 for it, with shipping $19 total. Ill be shipping it via Priority mail, takes 2-3 days to get there from when shipped.. Ill also send you tracking number. Here is a link to it if you wanna know more info about it http//www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4457071
[quoteca992b9b3b]Features & Specifications
Unlimited Rechargeable Wireless Controller For GameCube, with Rechargeable Battery Pack and Connection Cable for Uninterrupted Gameplay with Simultaneous Charge!
Patent Pending design
2.44 Ghz operating frequency for precise game control
60 hours of game time with rechargeable battery pack
8 Analog action buttons & 2 analog sticks, with Turbo function buttons
Dual vibration motors / on & off vibration switches
16 Player auto sensing technology allows up to 16 players to play without interference
Controller includes a battery-saving "sleep mode," which shuts off the controller after 5 minutes of idle time!
Connection cable allows you to plug in your controller to console when batteries run low to continue playing uninterrupted. The cable charges the battery pack while you continue playing!!!
No more wasting money on disposable batteries! 500 charges per pack!
Battery pack will re-charge in just 4 hours (first charge duration 8 hours).
Is it wireless? Is it wired? It's BOTH! The best of wireless and wired technologies meet in one product.[/quoteca992b9b3b]
Just so you guys dont get confuse, it is wireless.. The reason a cord comes, its so you can charge the rechargeable battery when the battery is low, and not have to stop playing.. Keep on playing while its charging haha. Oh and you don't need to use the rechargeable battery if you dont want to, normal AA work for it..


19-03-2008 12:20:28


i'll send you payment ASAP.


19-03-2008 12:46:16


i'll send you payment ASAP.[/quote0a80d18b7c]

Update TFOAF change his mind, its still up for sale..