Will anyone sell me these cds?

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09-03-2008 17:29:32

I'm looking for

Incubus Light Grenades

Avenged Sevenfold Whatever the new one is called

Seether Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

I also have two Girls Gone Wild Brand new dvds that i'll be willing to trade.

let me know. thanks guys D


11-03-2008 23:07:22

are you collecting these?

do you have an mp3 player? ipod or whatever?

CDs are like caveman years


11-03-2008 23:19:48

maybe he doesn't want to illegally pirate music.


12-03-2008 04:54:19

lol, you can buy albums via iTunes? Or Amazon? Legally...


12-03-2008 05:02:02

lol, Maybe people shouldn't threadcrap?


12-03-2008 13:35:21

[quote0f25c5437e="CollidgeGraduit"]lol, Maybe people shouldn't threadcrap?[/quote0f25c5437e]

yeah. quit crapping on me.

I'm 22. I own a house. I make $14.50 an hour. I have a cd player. Therefore I need cheap cds because I can't afford to have all these new fancy toys. Jeez, it's not like I was asking if you had the new Elton John 8-Track..... roll roll roll

I guess I'll mosey on over to Amazon now.