wts/wtt I have an 8gb Unlocked Iphone and sony vaio laptop f

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07-03-2008 11:04:59

I have a used 8gb Iphone that Is unlocked to work with any gsm carrier. It already has the application installer loaded so all you gotta do is put your sim in and start talking, and downloading your new games. It has a few small scratches on the backside but nothing really bad pm me if your interested and i will send you some pictures of the phone.

Also I have my sony vaio laptop I am wanting to sell or trade with this.


I am hoping to trade for a pretty high powered laptop, but am listening to all offers. thanks!

Feel free to pm me


07-03-2008 12:46:57

The iphones dont work with verizon right?


07-03-2008 12:55:49

No sorry it only works with gsm networks like att, tmobile, rodgers, 02 and others.


07-03-2008 14:45:30

heres some pics. The screen still has the original cover on it so the screen is 100% unscratced!







11-03-2008 23:19:17

300 for iphone shipped lmk thanks


12-03-2008 20:08:04

[quoted3c9530b7a="Lightliquid"]The iphones dont work with verizon right?[/quoted3c9530b7a]

iphone works alright with tmobile

internet is allowed, if you had access to wifi its even better

but for some reason AIM cannot be run.... which I really want to use for txting/chatting


12-03-2008 20:14:34

there is although a backdoor into aim. Since the iphone has a full html web broswer you can actually go to www.e-buddy.com and log into your aim account there! then you can talk to your friends. I have used this method to talk to friends while at work(Dont tell my boss haha).


12-03-2008 20:19:25

thanks buddy! ) I am trying it right now!

Never really about that.. I tried AIM Express but Express is really slow also lol

but thanks for the help!