WTB: Ipod nano

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01-03-2008 20:35:17

My bro lost his nano at college so he wants to buy the same one. He wants to buy the first generation one again for a decent price.

I know a lot of you who got the touch probably have one so hit me up with your best offer.



01-03-2008 21:09:39

I have the red 3rd generation, so if he changes his mind let me know


02-03-2008 11:44:33

He is looking to spend no more than $100 on a nano. So whatever prices you can give them to me for, let me know.

All prices will be compared with prices on ebay.


02-03-2008 11:56:16

I've got a 1st gen White nano 4 gb and a 2nd gen 4gb blue nano....Tell me how much he wants to pay for them ) both are like new yet.