Time for another Free Video game!

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01-03-2008 13:11:41

[b99d6e62c14]If you love video games, there is a site called goozex where you can get a video game for free. They have games for different consoles and the games are used but work. It is a site for trading games but when you sign up referred they give you enough credit and points to get a game totally free.[/b99d6e62c14]

[b99d6e62c14]Now the thing is, a free game don't mean..a brand new game...it will probably be a game thats been out for a while, so Don't expect a game that just came out.[/b99d6e62c14]

[b99d6e62c14]I signed up a while ago and I got[/b99d6e62c14] [b99d6e62c14]"kill Zone" for PS2[/b99d6e62c14][/color99d6e62c14] . [b99d6e62c14]Great game, shooter type. They have a bunch so why not get one.[/b99d6e62c14]

[b99d6e62c14]If you're interested please pm me and I'll send you my referral link so you can get your free game. Thanks[/b99d6e62c14][/color99d6e62c14]

A link to the site if you would like to check it out [/color99d6e62c14] [/b99d6e62c14] www.goozex.com


02-03-2008 22:59:34

They're offering this again? I have like 20 trade credits after referring people from the last time they did this haha


03-03-2008 04:45:51

They are offering it again but now when you referr people you get the goozex points too and not just the credits.