Laptop, Power Supply, NBA 2k8 for ps3 for sale.

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23-02-2008 20:20:55

1 gig of DDR2 667 PC5300 SODIMM memory.

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Asking $20 shipped (pulled from a xps m140 in good working condition)

Rosewill RP-450 power supply for sale

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asking 28 shipped (upgraded to cosair hx620 so I no longer need this)

Dell XPS M140 laptop (screen broken and warrantly expired)

[img="90bb852148]http/" alt=""/"246/940/rrr009ky4.jpg[" alt=""/img90bb852148]

Intel Centrino 1.73
Intel Graphics 950
1 gig memory (ddr2 5300)
cd/dvd burner
60 gig hard drive (7200 rpm)
intel network card
Power supply and 6 cell battery included

Asking [b90bb852148]175[/b90bb852148] shipped (you have to fix the lcd obviously)


23-02-2008 20:40:42

replacement lcd only costs $110-220... hmmm....


23-02-2008 20:42:42

How much crap is on it and how much do you want for it .


23-02-2008 20:52:43

is it core 2 duo or core duo


23-02-2008 20:53:39

The laptop? I have to wipe the hard drive but Joshbox tell me where I can get a replacement screen for my laptop and are you sure that's the problem?


23-02-2008 20:54:45

neither it's intel centrino pentium 4 (it's a xps m140, they never came dual core only the e1405 did).


23-02-2008 21:09:45

topbillin, that is a cracked screen for sure. However, I could not tell you if it has any other issues from that picture. Cracked screens often occur from drops, impact, or pressure, which could potentially damage other components as well. Any of the screens on this page should work for your laptop, however if you have never disassembled a laptop which I am assuming you haven't since you cannot diagnose a cracked screen, I would HIGHLY recommend professional installation, which obviously makes this a much more expensive procedure than just the cost of the screen.



23-02-2008 21:23:18

hmmm.... thanks.

I bought a acer for 500 bucks new from best buy so I don't need this laptop, 1 guy offered me 100 bucks shipped but I thought it's kinda low for a basically good laptop.

I'll sleep on it and decide what to do? I can probably fix it then sell it.... lol