Motorola Q carrying case, works for ipod touch

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22-02-2008 20:56:53

I have a leather Motorola Q carrying case for sale that I had originally purchased for using with my ipod touch (before they had official ipod touch cases available). It actually holds the touch very well, and headphones are useable while in the case. However I now have no use for this, so if you are looking for a case for your MotoQ or ipod touch, this may be for you. Here is the exact item I purchased from best buy.


Please post an offer including shipping and I will gladly consider it.


23-02-2008 10:45:23

I have a MotoQ, but I'm trying to get rid of this piece of shit for a Palm Centro wink


23-02-2008 11:24:04

dont you want a case for it in the meantime?


24-02-2008 21:27:27

12.50 shipped first one to pm me