4Gb Mini SDHC /w full SD adapter

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22-02-2008 20:42:32

I have an unused 4Gb Mini SDHC card that I purchased, planning to use it on a phone that I didnt keep. It was inserted into the phone, and was in there for a few days before I decided I did not like the phone. I dont have any other devices that support SDHC so I am trying to find someone who can use it. This is Kingston brand and comes with protective case, memory card, and full size sd adapter. Post offers including shipping, if I see something I like I will take it. I am not looking for much.


22-02-2008 20:44:21

Damn you, I needed one of these the other day.... I may still buy it, give me a price (pm of course)


22-02-2008 20:52:33

I have absolutely no use for this, please send me a price you think is fair and I will be happy to consider it.


23-02-2008 09:53:06

I asked first big boy.


23-02-2008 10:00:26

[quote07101ba1d5="TryinToGetPaid"]I asked first big boy.[/quote07101ba1d5]
Who are you talking to?


24-02-2008 21:26:50

$20 shipped, first one to pm me