SONY VAIO LAPTOP vgn-N325E/B 2gb ram 120gb harddrive!!

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21-02-2008 19:38:54

Hey guys I got a laptop I am planning to sell, Its a great computer. I decided im going to get a desktop to do my work from.

The specs are

windows vista premium
intel pentium dual core 1.73ghz
2gb ram
120gb hard drive
15.4 inch screen
slots for memory stick duo and sd cards
extra 80gb external harddrive
headset with microphone

if anyone is interested I'll take some pictures today.
Im gonna go for the best offer starting, please only post if you are looking to buy this laptop. thx


23-02-2008 21:56:51

I have $550, plus a $25 Best Buy gift card


23-02-2008 21:59:13

I was looking for a lil higher but if i dont get many other offers I might end up taking that D I want to get a higher powered desktop for programming!!


25-02-2008 23:11:50



28-02-2008 13:05:19

Bump D