Gift Cards For Sale + New and Prevous Model Macbook Pros

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21-02-2008 10:14:02

I am looking to sell the following items to get rid of some of my freebie loot.

$250 Best Buy[/bfa07a8eb8d] for $225 (Quantity 4) [bfa07a8eb8d]liOne Leftli[/colorfa07a8eb8d][/bfa07a8eb8d]
[bfa07a8eb8d]$100 Target[/bfa07a8eb8d] for $90 (Quantity 3)
[bfa07a8eb8d]$100 Victoria Secret[/bfa07a8eb8d] for $90 (Quantity 4)
[bfa07a8eb8d]$100 Starbucks[/bfa07a8eb8d] for $90 (Quantity 14)
[bfa07a8eb8d]$100 Banana Republic[/bfa07a8eb8d] for $90 (Quantity 2)
[bfa07a8eb8d]$100 Urban Outfitters[/bfa07a8eb8d] for $90 (Quantity 2)

[bfa07a8eb8d]Current $2k model of Macbook Pro for sale (PM offers)[/bfa07a8eb8d] [bfa07a8eb8d]liSOLDli[/colorfa07a8eb8d][/bfa07a8eb8d]
[bfa07a8eb8d]Previous generation (was $2k) Macbook Pro model (PM offers)[/bfa07a8eb8d]
Both Macbooks are NEW and SEALED in their box.

PM me if interested.

Post here if you have any questions


26-02-2008 00:16:26

All gift cards are physical cards and are shipped using certified mail. I have sold one $250 Best Buy card so far to Big War Bird, so he can confirm I shipped the card and it was legit.

Gigante not equal to DLF.


04-03-2008 00:39:34

Added some other things, bump.


08-03-2008 01:16:04

Bumped. Wanna unload some of this loot.


08-03-2008 06:51:48

do you have any circuitcity gc's by any chance?


08-03-2008 08:18:41

how did you get 14 starbucks giftcards lol?


08-03-2008 08:23:44

[quoteba1cdd614e="HighRollin"]how did you get 14 starbucks giftcards lol?[/quoteba1cdd614e]

Freebie sites often sent gift cards in $100 increments. So $1k Starbucks is $100 x 10 for the pile.

do you have any circuitcity gc's by any chance?[/quote

Sorry mate, but not right now. I will probably have some in the future at some time though since I'm always getting new ones in.


08-03-2008 10:29:39

Are you all out of bestbuy giftcards?


14-03-2008 23:37:48

[quote47ab52a565="Lightliquid"]Are you all out of bestbuy giftcards?[/quote47ab52a565]

Got one $250 left.


15-03-2008 07:20:36

if you get any circuit city ones in the next few days let me know, my dad is going to buy one of those talking navigation systems and if he can get a few bucks off that'd be coo