FS: Silver iPod Nano 2GB and MAYBE an iPod Video

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12-02-2008 07:16:00

I have a silver nano, one of the longer ones, not the new short one. It is 2GB and is hardly used. If you want, I can snap pictures of it later. Prices on eBay are still around 75 - 110 for these so make me a decent offer.

The other iPod is my girlfriends and it is a black video (I THINK) it is 16GB, though I am not 100% sure. The reason for selling these is we both have iPhones, so these things are now pointless for us to own. They probably wouldn't come with a USB cord, because I can not find them. I will post pictures hopefully tonight but I am moving and it may not get done.

Post your offers, serious inquiries only. And if I like you, I am more apt to work out a deal with you.


12-02-2008 11:07:56

16GB iPod Video?


12-02-2008 12:06:10

Like I said, I have no idea what it is, it is hers and the only thing I can 100% tell you is that it is an ipod Video and it is black.


12-02-2008 12:57:55

It'll be 30, 60, or 80GB if it is the 5(.5)th gen ipod with the glassy looking front face. Better for your sale.