blockbuster rental+2000wiipointcard 4 amazon giftcards

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07-02-2008 09:46:20

I'm willing to trade my blockbuster rental i won from shopping + my 2000 wii point card i won from wendys for amazon giftcard.

So like a trade, but if your interested in buying them instead, then please make an offer and ill see about the price.

if interested please contact me via pm, aim

aim itzfengzz



08-02-2008 11:48:04

$15 for wii card? I can buy you an amazon card or paypal..


09-02-2008 17:41:21

Current offer is $15 for wii card.
Offers end at upcoming wednesday since bidder pays by then.


12-02-2008 12:01:58

Bids ends tomorrow.
So whoever interested, today is the day.


13-02-2008 12:28:24

Bidder has choosen to buy the wii card later on.
So offer still opens until someone makes an offer.


17-02-2008 22:11:35

I have lowered the price to $13 amazon giftcard payment for the 2000 wii point card. A buyer going to buy it by wednesday

But Whoever bids a higher price or same price by an earlier time will receive the 2000 wii point card deal.

This is incredible low offer for a $20 card.


20-02-2008 19:33:28

I've made the deal better.
Offering 2000 wiipoint card+ a FREE! block buster rental for just $13 amazon!!!


20-02-2008 19:37:03

Lower that to $10 and you have a deal.


21-02-2008 09:41:00

So now i've made the deal even better.

I'll offer 2000 wii card+block buster rental+3.21 paypal for a $17 amazon giftcard.


I'll offer 2000 wii card+block buster rental+ads in my homepage & forum for 2 weeks(advertise your TT ref link in it) for a $17 amazon giftcard.


I'll offer 2000 wii card+block buster rental+advertise in my pr3 site in my banner rotation 5k impressions or 5 days side panel non rotation(advertise your TT ref Link in it) for a $17 amazon giftcard.


I'll give you my $30 worth of cash in amazon giftcards+ 2000 wii card for a order of a a/x wallet at, suppose to be $38 , lowered it down to $35.21 coupon expired soon so you basically paying extra 5.21 for the 2000 wii point card. But the order for the wallet is CC required.

unknown uchiha

11-03-2008 10:47:10

On the $13 Amazon for the 2000 Wii card + Blockbuster rental

I'll give you $11 Amazon for the 2000 point Wii card.