For Sale: GameStop/EBGames *physical* Gift Card w/ $53.85

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06-02-2008 06:57:00

GameStop/EBGames card w/ current balance of $53.85.

Offered for $45.75 (~15% discount). Payable by PayPal only.

Card is only accepted in brick-and-mortar stores, not online.

I'll mail it via standard mail as soon as payment is received. PM w/ any questions.

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10-02-2008 14:53:51

Nobody wants to buy their next game at an automatic 15% discount?!


11-02-2008 09:55:35

dang i would do it, but i only have 30 dollars in my paypal. maybe next time? do you get a lot of these?


11-02-2008 10:29:14

I will pay you $36 D !


18-02-2008 07:30:03

@referralman - No, I don't get a lot of them. It's credit I got for exchanging a game. There just isn't anything out there now that I'm interested in.

@nbonsu26 - Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.