iPod Touch 8GB & Dell Inspiron 6000

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01-02-2008 06:41:08

For sale or trade. Will accept trades for powerbooks, macbook pros, iMacs, etc. Of course depending on the trade I can pay some cash if needed.


iPod Touch 8GB - $230 Shipped or trade for 30GB/60GB iPod Video(+cash).
Dell Inspiron 6000 (upgraded) w/ WD 60GB Passport - Offer me

15.4" Screen
60GB Hard Drive
DVD/CD Burner
Windows XP Home Edition w/ SP 2
Microsoft Office 2007 (will include the pamphlet that I was sent from Microsoft)
2GB Ram (upgraded from 512mb)
4 USB Ports

iPod does not include the newest software applications (as seen in picture).


01-02-2008 12:12:11

I just bought the Samsung 206BW monitor and I love it. 2ms response time 30001 contrast ratio. Only difference is 20" vs 19". Amazing product.


01-02-2008 21:51:47

I don't understand people on ebay sometimes. I'm not gonna say anything for another 10 hours about this though.


02-02-2008 08:08:26

first post


02-02-2008 11:10:34

Good luck... i dont see it going for that much. if you drop the price let me know.


02-02-2008 14:37:57

Will trade for Powerbook 15/17, Macbook Pro 15/17, or iMac. (depending on the condition of all)


02-02-2008 21:33:39

You should list the model number and specifications of your monitor.


03-02-2008 05:27:26

It was sold already. It was a Samsung 906BW.


03-02-2008 05:45:13

Well seeing I can get this for $237 meaning the Itouch and the 16GB now its $357 for the cheapest thats a little pricey .


03-02-2008 06:08:33

It comes with $50 worth of extras. I said I'm looking for Around that price. I will look at offers.


03-02-2008 13:12:45

hey toughshot is the dell 6000 used? what's the condition and specs of your dell?

are you interested for used 1.83 ghz macbook pro instead since i'm going to get new macbook pro soon from nuitech? D

edit post dell pics plz


03-02-2008 14:00:23

first post


03-02-2008 16:31:52

What about a trade for a G4 iBook?


03-02-2008 18:17:15

If the trade with Gatorade doesn't go through then I will probably be interested.


04-02-2008 08:15:55

As promised (central it's 1012, little late). Dell Inspiron 6000 Pictures[=http//www.flickr.com/photos/23426451@N05/?saved=1]Dell Inspiron 6000 Pictures

Specs update

Intel Pentium M Processor 1.5 Ghz


04-02-2008 17:12:58

i'm definitely looking for your ipod touch + dell + some cash (maybe other electronics you have that you don't need)

how much are you willing to pay along with the two trade items? and btw i'm getting my laptop from nuitech sometime this week or no later than the end of next week, so i don't know if you'd still be interested in trading with me by that time. if your trade doesn't go through with theysayjump, i'm still open to trading.


04-02-2008 17:44:56

read first post


14-02-2008 18:29:13

Still available. Looking for around $230 shipped on the iPod and considering offers on laptop. Also, I updated the ram to 2GB now and will include the External hard drive possibly.


14-02-2008 20:40:36

My offer is still available if you're interested.


15-02-2008 16:16:45

I'd like to get a 15" screen or bigger and I think you said yours was 12" maybe?


15-02-2008 20:45:45

Yeah it's 12", just saying it's there if you ever want it.