Brand New Xbox 360 Guitar Hero and Wireless Controller !

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30-01-2008 14:15:52

It has been sold Mod can you lock this thread please D !


30-01-2008 14:46:46

Edit NM....I could just get this from TRAINN for 2 offers and I won't even bother w/ a lowball.


30-01-2008 14:54:59

Ok your the first offer how about doing my 4 credit git r free site for it .


31-01-2008 07:17:59

Bump who wants it make me an offer !


31-01-2008 10:07:06

I'll trade you my Wii Guitar Hero III (controller and game, and everything else, no stickers on it yet), for the XBOX 360 one.

It's not brand new, it's been used but in perfect condition. Maybe I'd throw in extra money too.


31-01-2008 10:35:26

Hmm well I did want a WII but i dunno . Think I need the cash lol D


02-02-2008 21:31:50

Well, if no one buys it, do you want to trade? Because I just bought rock band and I could use the 360 guitar as well. )

My WIi game is in mint condition and so is the guitar. and packaging. no stickers on the guitar.


03-02-2008 07:57:06

Sorry foafy....I already bought it )