Keurig One Step Brewer Coffee !

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29-01-2008 15:24:23

I am selling several boxes I have like 30 or so cause they sent me too much for my demo . If your interested send me a message and make me an offer .

I have Green Mountain Hot Cococa

Celestial Seasonings Tea

Gloria Jeans Hazelnut

Plus much more Very Happy


30-01-2008 06:52:53

What do you want for the Hazelnut? The wife got one of those for Christmas and she loves the Hazelnut.


30-01-2008 14:12:41

It retails for $14 for a case of 25 . I am willing to sell it to you for $10 and free shipping .


31-01-2008 04:28:06

Hot Cocoa & Hazelnut sounds good... Too bad I don't have one of those special machines. (

How much are the machines going for?


31-01-2008 05:39:03

The Basic machines go for $100 I have the elite model D which has a larger water tank and a blue light up display D It goes for $150


31-01-2008 05:54:02

Funny, after reading this I Googled for the brewer just to check it out. Guess what the very first Google result for "keurig one step" was? lol


31-01-2008 06:25:25

This thread.


31-01-2008 07:03:23

Wow your keywords to advertise this site must me great lol !


07-02-2008 16:14:32

Bump !