Do you want some free food from SAFEWAY?

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26-01-2008 17:33:43 (Order Online)

They have an offer (Buy One get One Free) - and The following link has some coupons with FREE DELIVERY, and some other stuff for Free.

Link http//

I just palced my order, try it.

Order at least $50 - apply all the coupons that you will find on Post #1 (using the link) and you will get big discount + some free food.

They will deliver the food to your house free (using a coupon)

basically you will place your order, and they will give you an Approximated total

Don't worry, at the end when you receive the products you will get another receipt and you will see that they didn't charge you TWICE, only once (but you got TWO things becuase of the buy-on-get-one-free offer)

use the link and read the post if you need more info

sandra habina

27-01-2008 23:14:10

Thanks for sharing. Sounds good. )