Maxtor Basics SATA II/300 Internal 500GB Hard Drive-$135

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26-01-2008 11:33:58

Im selling a brand new hard drive that was bought seven days ago (01/19/2008) and was never opened. The hard drive is still in its original box.If you are interested pm me. I only accept paypal. The shipping for the hard drive is free[/color56a04d186e]

update[/color56a04d186e] The hard drive is on Chicago Craigslist because im trying to sell the hard drive there too but I'm not having any luck there. As for the price I'll lower it to $135 with shipping included.
update[/color56a04d186e] Picture of the hard drive! [img56a04d186e]http/" alt=""/"201/6454/[" alt=""/img56a04d186e][=http//img="][img56a04d186e]http/" alt=""/"201/6454/[" alt=""/img56a04d186e]


26-01-2008 15:06:16

Not to threadcrap, but a 500gb SATA hard drive can be found for much less online. I would suggest you lower that a little bit.


26-01-2008 16:35:13

found it for 130, but when shipping is included it would be around 140... sure it could be found cheaper if you look hard... ALSO saw this same offer with the date and all at CHICAGO CRAIGLIST


26-01-2008 18:21:22

These are available at Fry' for $90. You're going to have much better luck on eBay than anywhere else.