Homebrew/Unlocked Sony PSP Console on eBay (fun stuff!!)

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19-01-2008 19:09:56

I am selling both new and used systems. I have 100% perfect feedback so have confidence! If you don't know about homebrew or cracked/unlocked PSPs read here. I am an avid PSP player myself so I could answer any questions you might have.





20-01-2008 01:41:44

can buyout price be cheaper?


20-01-2008 05:23:18

[quotebf77769707="puppeteer"]can buyout price be cheaper?[/quotebf77769707]

Which one are you interested in, used or new? Since you are a fellow Michigander like me, I will knock $10 off shipping for you if you like.

As a bonus, I will include 6gb of bonuses on 2 DVD data discs including Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Atari emulators and more for free.


20-01-2008 10:51:46

You shouldn't advertise 3.71 M33 as the "newest custom firmware" since there have been, like, 3 releases since then (3.72 HX, 3.73 HX, and 3.80 M33), it's misleading to the poor uninformed.

Prices are a little high if the buyer is someone who can do CFs themselves. However, as the topic poster is directing these auctions to, it's not a terrible price to not have to do any of the work. Also, even if the technically deficient didn't want to try and install CF themselves, I'm sure they could find a local modder to do it for them for considerably cheaper. For example, my city's leading mod man will install the latest CF on any PSP for only $10.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm threadcrapping, I'm not trying to. If someone wants a ready-to-go, custom firmware-enabled PSP, then these are good auctions ) You should consider bundling some memory though, like a nice 4GB stick.


25-01-2008 04:37:52

ITEM LOCATION Sterling Heights - ME TO can this be any cheaper for that reason!? 19 and schoenherr


25-01-2008 04:54:49

Wow, I knew there were a few Michiganders here, but I didn't realize there were that many people in the Metro Detroit area


25-01-2008 14:59:14

I too am from around that area.

22 mile. ;)