New In Box Ninendo Wii + 5 Games!

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17-01-2008 20:59:08

Wii + 5 game sport pack that it comes with....

Bought it today, realized I don't have enough money to buy it (lol) so now i'm selling...

$375 or best offer...

Will ship first to only members of which I feel I can trust (AKA long life here on FiPG, good karma, good TR, etc...)


18-01-2008 01:07:10

don't mean to trash your thread but can you return it? if its New in Box? so to save some hassle?


18-01-2008 06:25:11

Since it's new, and it's hard to find Wiis still in stores, he's trying to sell it for profit, which is what I'd do, or ... should've done when I got my Wii a year ago the day it came out. P


18-01-2008 06:42:32

Yeah, can't blame the guy for selling for profit. I did it last year around X-Mas and this year too.... made a very good chunk of change. Much faster profit than freebie sites. )