FS: New Projekt IRS 3.6.0 PP - SAVE $100+

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06-01-2008 04:45:47

I'm selling my Projekt IRS, along with the auto-creditor add-on. I will also include an extra license so that you can start two websites with it.

The original price for this package was $334.85.

Projekt IRS Full version = $199.95
Auto-Creditor Add-on = $89.95
Extra License = $44.95

Total = $334.85

I'm selling this for [bef1d657673]$200.00[/bef1d657673]. My preferred payment method is PayPal. If you're interested, let me know. This is a really good deal, you don't want to miss it! You can try a demo version of this script at


06-01-2008 09:14:12

You can't sell this here as it is intangible, as specified in our rules.