Free Movie Rental at Redbox

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01-01-2008 06:18:16

Does anyone else have these? We have them in every Wegmans here in Rochester. If you don't know what they are it's a huge red box. There is a touchscreen and you pick the movie you want, then you swipe your card and it costs $1 a night per rental. It then dispenses your movie and then you just return it the next day at the box. It's pretty sweet.

Anyway here is a code for a free rental if you have the Box near you.



01-01-2008 08:32:40

Nice find! +Karma


01-01-2008 09:10:55

I've done this for a while at my local Wal-Mart Marketplace. You can also sign up for text message alerts to get a free movie rental every Monday. The only thing is...I forget to return it sometimes or don't have time. That's how they get ya wink Still, it's only ~$1.03 a night -- better than Blockbuster )


01-01-2008 18:18:01 has a bunch of codes too


04-01-2008 15:18:19

I tried the code at RedBox and it told me it was invalid cry


04-01-2008 19:49:53

I went to one the other day and put BREAKROOM into it and it didn't work. Tonight I went back to get a movie and it worked!!! lol I was pumped!


05-01-2008 07:22:20

Ok, so if I use a code I would still have to swipe my card, do I get any charge at all if I return it next day?


05-01-2008 08:06:32

you got it


05-01-2008 13:03:55

Yes the code 'breakroom' has worked for me and i get tons of friends to do it, and i have used 4 different credit cards with that code of my own and it keeps workin.. no charge as long as its turned in the next day!


05-01-2008 16:26:23

My SO and I used Holiday this evening, and picked up SuperBad and something else. No problems.


07-01-2008 11:44:14

I used "Jingle" during Christmas week, and "Holiday" last night, both worked great. This is cool if you can get the movie back in time. I live 20 minutes from the nearest Redbox, so it can be a hassle.


08-01-2008 11:20:43

New code DVDONME

Didn't use my free Monday rental though (