WTB: Playstation 2

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31-12-2007 15:00:58

I have a friend that is willing to sell me his, but if you guys offer a better deal i'll go with that. Post your prices shipped with whatever accessories and games...


31-12-2007 15:12:02

I have the slim black PS2. It's in amazing condition, only been used a few times, a memory card, one controller, cables, box, everything. I have God of War, Burnout (I forgot which one), and Final Fantasy X which I played twice. The games are in amazing condition as well, all in there original cases with manuals. How much would you be willing to pay for all of it?


01-01-2008 05:20:05

I have one for $50 dollars shipped, it's the fat version with some disk read errors at times, if you know how to fix it then I would do that. I have the s-video cable instead of the standard component cables.

The controller is aftermarket (kinda cheap to me) but everything works good.

I have the following games, RE4, MGS3, Socom 2, Madden 2005, Tekken 5 and a couple more (GTA Sanadreas)

I want to get a ps3 so I want to keep most of the games and just sell the ps2.


03-01-2008 12:30:18

Well he's selling his for $100 with 2 controllers, 10 games, 1 memory card, and the network adapter (it's the older version) - So if you can do a better deal...