For Sale: $100 Best Buy Gift Card

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19-12-2007 18:52:04

Im just seeing if anyone is interested in this... i am looking for atleast $90. I got it from in place of guitar hero 3 because my best buy had the game for wii at that time in stock. well by the time i got it, they had sold out. So i went looking for one and I found a place that still has them in stock. So if any of you are looking for Guitar hero 3 for any console go to and they have them in stock for all consoles. This is a pretty good way to make about $40. People just dont think to order from them. So back on subject. anyone want to buy my $100 best buy giftcard for $90 + paypal fees?


22-12-2007 09:25:25

That seems a little high...For less than $10 profit, I'll keep my cash and not lock myself into best buy.