FOR SALE. Testing Waters.

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11-12-2007 03:39:51

I'm just curious if anyone would want to buy

What you get

Transfer of all hosting and domain into your name. (The way I have it set up its 9.95 a month for the hosting and $15 a year for the domain not due till 03/08, threw hostgator.)
The script the way it is currently.
All its users.
And any help you need.

The cost
$500 Paypal, check, money order, whatever way you want to do it.

If your interested please email= me at me at

And if your not interested check out we have some cool new ways to get paid and I will be updating, adding, and debugging a ton of offers later today.


11-12-2007 03:54:57

Tangible products only. It's a posted rule, sure would be nice if people would bother reading.