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02-12-2007 14:58:19

Canadians Only

[quote98f254c06f]Hereís a way for you to get free movies at Cineplex odeon theaters (totally legal)

First you need a Scene card. This is a card that you use to collect points by going to the movies. you get one of these at http//www.scene.ca/Home.aspx Print off the temporary card or write down the card number when you get it. you will need this information later.

Congratulations, you now have 250 points. Not enough to redeem for free movies or a concession meal (large pop and popcorn I think) but you are well on your way.

Hereís the good part. Scene is giving away another 1000 points as a christmas bonus.
Go to https//www.scene.ca/PromoDetail.aspx (you may or may not have to sign in again with the card number you saved from the last page.)
Really itís that easy. I donít know how long they will be offering this but I am really taking advantage of a good situation.

Enjoy your movies and snacks.


SCENE is ringing in the 2007 Holiday Season with gifts, generosity, and general admission.For Non-Members, there is no time like the Holiday Season to sign-up for a SCENE card with 1,000 points awarded to your account immediately. Click the Non-Member link below, join, and get your first movie or concession combo free!Members, Youíll go crazy over the holiday promotion SCENE is offering. Simply click the memberís entrance below and input your promo code to get 1,000 SCENE bonus points!

Happy Holidays from SCENE![/quote98f254c06f]
Thanks OP

Really good deal. Get free popcorn combo/movie ticket AND get 10% off each time for nothing! This things totally free to. Oh you also earn points each time you do/buy certain things, check https//www.scene.ca/help.aspx?t=4&q=401#401 for a full list.


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uhhh this for US?


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[quote91a49707de="MesoPlz"]uhhh this for US?[/quote91a49707de]

Jesus, did you bother reading the first line of the post??

Canadians Only


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