$399 Laptop! NO REBATE!

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30-11-2007 15:37:29

This is for anyone who didn't feel like waiting on the Black Friday line for one of those really cheap laptops! The specs of this one are very comparable to those budget laptops on Black Friday.
It is a $399 Compaq Laptop at BestBuy starting day after tomorrow.
Model number C713n

The specs are
Intel Dual Core 1.46 Ghz T2310
1Gb Ram
80Gb Hard drive
Intel x3100 graphics card
Wireless 802.11 b/g

The max for ram is listed as 1Gb, but it is a misprint. The max should be 2Gb, though some claim to even be using 2.5 Gb.

Heres a picture of the scan

Seems like a great deal! It starts Sunday December 2nd.
Some of you might want to try buying it now, and then getting it price matched on the 2nd. That way you're guaranteed one.
Worst comes to worst, just don't open the box till they give you that adjustment so you don't have to deal with a restocking fee.
You're welcome! - and thanks OP.
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30-11-2007 17:47:27

nice find

sandra habina

01-12-2007 17:21:06

Thankyou for sharing. That is great of you to do.