I would like to get an iPod. anyone?

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27-11-2007 14:34:13

I want to buy an iPod and a Digital Camera, but I want to get them for good-low prices. You know, it is hard to get the things you want. They are too expensive cry

Anyone can help me?


27-11-2007 14:38:18

Personally, I would check out Slickdeals. If you check their forums, you might get lucky and find a deal periodically that could be in your price range.
A lot of good deals are posted there.
One time I got a Canon Digital Rebel XT Digital SLR for $399.
It was a complete steal.
So I would recommend you check them out.


27-11-2007 14:46:17

[bb3b69befe4]Go down about 4 threads and you'll see that I am selling a Digital Camera for cheap.[/bb3b69befe4]


27-11-2007 16:16:11

I would check woot.com. They have digital cameras all the time so just make sure you check everyday.


27-11-2007 16:20:23

I would sell you my iPod Touch for $280.