Does anybody have an iPhone 8GB for cheap?

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Demonic DJ

17-11-2007 09:01:56

I am curently trying to get a free iPhone, but if I don't I want to have a backup, I seem to be having a little trouble getting referals.

I do not want an unlocked one.

Please just post the lowest price you will sell for.


Demonic DJ


17-11-2007 09:11:11

You're probably better off going straight to Ebay. Nobody here is going to sell it for any less than you could get on ebay.

Demonic DJ

17-11-2007 09:22:01

ok thanks, the ones on e bay are all unlocked and cost $300 or more


17-11-2007 12:55:44

Then expect to pay this. I can't imagine you'd be able to find an 8 GB iPhone, even used, that sells for less than $300.


17-11-2007 16:28:28

I have an iPod Touch

Demonic DJ

22-11-2007 17:46:32

Well how much for it?