3 Months Free Hosting 20GB Space 200GB BW-And 2GB Free Space

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14-11-2007 15:55:47

[quote5756324cd0]20 GB Disk Space (Host up to 32 Separate Websites)
Dedicated IP Address
Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) Technology
Frequently Asked Questions Over 25 Integrated Applications
3 Tiered Daily Back Ups
24-7-365 Amazing Customer Support

Pretty good deal, I just switched over from Godaddy just to get it free.
Also if you just want to use it to store files pictures, you can do that.
It doesnt cost you anything, they do ask you for a credit card to put on file but they didnt charge it at all.
The VDS plan means virtual dedicated server which means you do not share space with other users, you can also host as many domains as you would like, so it is also good for resellers or designers! Unlimited amount of Emails for use also. Not sure how long its valid for!


Here is some screen shots i found online

http//technical-itch.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/jumpline-customer-manager.png[" alt=""/img5756324cd0]
[img="5756324cd0]http//technical-itch.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/jumpline-vds-manager.png[" alt=""/img5756324cd0]
[quote5756324cd0][b5756324cd0]Plan includes[/b5756324cd0]
Web Development
Frontpage 2002 Extensions
PHP - 5.1.4
Perl - 5.8.5
Python - 2.4.3
Graphics Magick - 1.1.7
Site Builder

Miva Merchant - 5
SSL Certificate Support with OpenSSL
Shared SSL Certificate Service

Web Application
Apache Error Messages
Awstats - 6.5
Webalizer - 2.01-10

Guestbook - 1.1.3
Neomail WebMail - 1.27
PHP FormMail - 2
Jumpline.com WebMail
Jumpline.com Address Book
Gallery - 2.1
Jumpline.com myCalendar
Majordomo - 1.95
PhpBB - 2.0.21
PhpMyNewsletter - 0.8
WordPress - 2.0.2

MySQL - 5.0.22
PhpMyAdmin - 2.8.2

Helix Server - 11


15-11-2007 07:28:43

http//webdesigninmind.com/diinopromo/10505485.gif[" alt=""/imgbd4370fe69]
Also found this on the site, its 100% Free No credit Card required, if you just want storage space for files, images, backups, whatever. Similar to photobucket I guess but you can store any file.