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13-11-2007 06:21:36

Okay sorry i spend some time researching it and i was annoyed the topic was locked after i spent like an hour on it!! But ...
--------first is my response to the post
Okay so he is right, even with no traffic it is a bargain supposedly turn key website. I own like 6 websites, none to do with freestuff, and I also design websites. If everything on that site works, scripts crap like that, database. It did look decent, not great but I didnt want to sign up so I couldnt see if there were any working offers. I suppose if I were to design and implement a fully functional site like this i would charge 1-2k but it would include everything and obviously custom made.

The sketchy thing to me is you say you can chose between 2 scripts? The second site, none of the links work or anything for their demos for their supposed script. It gives a brief description of the features, and thats it the demo doesnt work, it has no indication of how to even buy it, just an aim name listed. Did you already buy both of them? Because the first one you can get for 199 (which would be basically the barebones site all you do is add images, domain,etc) , but there are a number of addons at an additional cost.

Your domain is probably the most valuable part of your site in my opinion and you might want to just consider getting an appraisal on that, because if you wait or your timings right you could get up to 1-3k for it if your lucky, if you want to sell quickly probably around 300-800.
To the mods
So i dont think its a scam or something, and a website even though it is not tangible should still be able to be for sale. Its obviously not like hes trying to sell digital images of his amateur photographed children, its in an important part of business and ecommerce today. I think his price is reasonable, considering what I said about the domain, and he says it includes 2 yrs hosting, which is usually around 100 for the lower end of decent hosting. You can also argue it is somewhat tangible because once you own the domain, its transferred to you, you receive ownership documentation from the Registrar and ICANN.

Theres not that much details besides that, I am assuming you would have to come up with your own offers, affiliates, prize distribution logistics. But i am not going to spend hours looking into that.... And although it does sound like a decent deal people do not realize how much work it is to be a webmaster and maintain and configure sites, especially if you have no clue how to do it in the first place!

A note on the traffic logs to, which i was browsing his site i found some spam in the forum, which could possibly account for those hits, as I will quote here, its an obvious attempt to attract traffic for some reason, by somebody... ill leave that up to you to decide.
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13-11-2007 06:42:05

If you want to buy it from him, contact him privately.

What he was selling is intangible, so it won't be sold through the forum.