sidekick 3, ds lite, stussy shirt.... DONT SLEEP!!

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07-11-2007 15:09:31

Hey, enjoy

+3% paypal fees

Meetups in NYC or rockland county area

AIM - chrome9k

I bought this sidekick like an idiot when i was on vacation... used it for about one week, and never used it again. I want to avoid ebay and its fees. It is in AMAZING AMAZING condition... very much like new...

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DS lite i received as a gift, used it only a handful of times... Is in near mint condition. Also i bought an accessory to go with it. M3 simply adapter. Basically im going to give you the adapter and a micro sd card so you can download all of your favorite games from a site i can tell you and put them all on the card and load as many games as you want. my 1gb micro sd card will give u maybe... 20-30 games i wanna say....

OG box for both items, adapter, 1 gig micro sd, the DS, OG booklets and manuals, charger...

[img="970c901710]http//[" alt=""/img970c901710]

Stussy tee tried on once in my house, since they do not allow you to try on clothes in the stussy stores. Shirt was purchased in the stussy store in lower manhattan NY a few months ago. Item is no longer available for sale.

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07-11-2007 15:23:02

Ok so... ill put some BIN's on the items...

buy it now for the

sk - 190 shipped
ds lite - 110 plus 4% paypal fees

s/o Starting offers
sk - 145 shipped
ds lite - 95 shipped (flr user)


07-11-2007 20:36:44

Maybe sell just the micro sd card? I might be interested


07-11-2007 21:08:14

just sold the whole package...

ds package gone... sk3 and the shirt left...


07-11-2007 21:26:29

lol, paypal fees are not 4% - nice way to jack up your take though.


08-11-2007 08:52:56

ite man im tired of your crap honestly... ... im freaking sick of u makin some snide remark... instead of pm'ing me...

btw u need to inform yourself before you make comments... its actually more than 4%... 4.31 to be exact... so please i dont want to hear what you have to say... i'm tired of takin crap just kuz i dont want to get banned... but i've honestly had enough...

take a look at some other forums where people sell things and ull see 4% everywhere...


08-11-2007 09:07:24

PayPal Standard Rate (2.9% + $0.30)
PayPal Merchant Rate I (2.5% + $0.30)
PayPal Merchant Rate II (2.2% + $0.30)
PayPal Merchant Rate III (1.9% + $0.30)

Tells It Like It Is



08-11-2007 09:09:45

ite so why when you use the payal calculator online...

i put that i want to have 20 bux after fees.... so i have to ship 20.90... 90 cents being 4.31%?

and why on the leading forum for buying and selling sneakers uses 4%?


08-11-2007 10:07:06

take a look at some other forums where people sell things and ull see 4% everywhere...[/quotee36562f406]

ite dawg i gone and lukd round ova forums where shit get sold and bro, yeah no, you see 3%.


08-11-2007 10:26:50

sneaky technique


08-11-2007 10:39:01

[quotecbd3f08757="chrome89k"]i'm tired of takin crap just kuz i dont want to get banned... but i've honestly had enough..[/quotecbd3f08757]

And fwiw, you're never going to get banned for complaining about something I or another mod did, as long as you're not rude about it. If you call me an asshole then you're going to get banned. If you write that you disagree with what I did because blah blah blah, then you're well within the bounds of normalcy and decency.


08-11-2007 18:11:55


if you ever get a chance... go there... check out the sales pages.... all u see is 4%... so basically we are all sneaky sellers then... just doing what i've seen... honestly it wasnt a chance to gain like another dollar out of a sale... honestly i have bigger better things to worry about than cheating people out of dollars here and there... so if it makes u feel better about my legitimate mistake then ill change it to 3% despite the fact that i calculated some transactions i made and they came out to 4 but no matter... im not here to ruffle feathers


08-11-2007 19:53:11

Just because they do it in one forum, doesn't mean it's going to be universally accepted. I'm not going to say you're sneaky, you're probably just doing what you're used to seeing as iss. Still, you should just take the paypal fees as a cost of doing business like almost everybody else does here, ebay and elsewhere. Either way most people will do the mental accounting to take the x% into account (thus lowering their bid) and you're only driving people away by presenting an additional fee.


08-11-2007 21:29:56

Your probably better off uping the price of each item a couple dallars and not mentioning the paypal fees. Things like +shipping or +paypal fees tend to scare people away. -just an FYI

But no need to bag on him for it guys its fairly clear hes not/was not trying to be "sneaky" if he wanted an extra $1 he could just sell it for higher, he can charge whatever he wants and if you don't want it you don't have to buy it.


09-11-2007 07:17:17

ite honest mistake caused by the common usage of 4% on another forum i sell on... its fixed, its done... on to people buying... .enoughurl==http://=http:///url critiquing.


13-11-2007 06:39:31

Are you sure there arent different rates on different accounts, like premier, business, personal etc..


13-11-2007 07:56:37

that could be a possibility...


22-11-2007 11:01:35

people bitching and moaning over 1 percent.

every buy/sell forum i go on its 4 percent also


22-11-2007 11:06:43

Yes I prefer 4%, the 4% is usually gets you less than the actual fees sometimes, and it has a lot for me.