[Sold] NEW iPod Touch 8GB - asking for $250 -lowered price-

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05-11-2007 19:19:32

Its a new iPod Touch 8GB and I just opened it up and it turns on fine. The plastics are still on it and none of the accesories have been used/opened.

I want to sell it quick because of some financial trouble at the moment.

I'm looking at about $250.

Thank You


06-11-2007 09:57:21

What week is it? Look at the serial and after the first few numbers/letters, you'll see like either 38, 39, 40, 41, or 42. Can you PM me what it has? Thanks!


06-11-2007 10:46:23

What does the week have to do with anything? (Just wondering?)

Anyways, too bad it's not a 16GB, I'd go for it. (


06-11-2007 10:53:20

Earlier iPod touch's suffered from a negative screen effect. Basically in black areas with pictures and video, the picture looked negative. Since then it's been corrected with a software update, but that didn't fix all of em.


06-11-2007 10:59:41

Oh, I see. That sucks. \


06-11-2007 11:14:49

The negative contrast issues were/are taken care of via the manufacturers warranty... so in case anyone reading this thread notices theirs is faulty. Just take it in for a replacement.


06-11-2007 14:25:28

Its the newer one. Screen works perfectly fine, I just tried a video on it.

Anyways, no scratches as the two layers of plastic have never been removed.

$250 + whatever USPS Priority shipping costs!