Free taco!

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30-10-2007 12:57:08

Taco bell has free tacos from 2-5 PM today...
It's almost over for us east coasters, but the rest of you have a little more time.

Also, I Think the next date this is available is November 6th.
This is because of the MLB deal where if a base is stolen during one of the games, they said they'd give away free tacos.

I just got back a little while ago from Taco bell and they honored it.

Just wanted to tell you guys about it.


30-10-2007 13:06:26

hmmm taccooooos. I'm at the mall right now i'm gonna go get one


30-10-2007 16:18:11

i dont know if any more bases will be being stolen, now that the season is over


31-10-2007 13:53:59

Sorry yeah, I quickly browsed through the article.
It says when the first base in games 1-2 is stolen they will give away tacos. November 6th was if the base was stolen in games 3-7.
My mistake.
But I hope you guys still got tacos from yesterday!