WTB Webcam

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27-10-2007 19:00:57

Anyone have a webcam they don't use and wanna sell cheap? I just want a decent one that can record a video, but I need it by next weekend. If anyone has one let me know. Thanks


27-10-2007 19:38:37

I have a GE webcam you can have for CHEAP if you want! It's an old one that I replaced with my Logitech Orbit. $5 + shipping. PM me!


27-10-2007 20:09:46

Would you happen to have a link to this webcam so i can see what it is, thanks alot. Also, does it record with pretyt good quality? Thanks


28-10-2007 22:50:03

It's nothing special. GE EasyCam Pro Model # HO98064. Just Google it and you should find plenty of information/pictures on it.

It's quality is okay. But then again for $5 + shipping...it's by far the best deal on the planet. Search Ebay for webcams (in case you're not liking this one.) They have a substantial list of webcams available.