Pokemon Diamond for $25

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24-10-2007 19:39:22

Another game I don't need anymore because I finished it 3 times so I want to get rid of it. The price is negotiable. I'm paypal verified. PM me if your interested.


25-10-2007 06:23:56

There's probably not too many people interested in pokemon games here. I think you would get much better luck selling it on ebay.


25-10-2007 06:26:55

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25-10-2007 15:53:03

[quote1eba9fcfd4="CollidgeGraduit"]http//www.roflcat.com/images/cats/270909744_cd078aad8f.jpg[" alt=""/img1eba9fcfd4][/quote1eba9fcfd4]
And honestly, I didn't even know pokémon was still around until last week when my 5 year old nephew said something about it.
I would say your best bet on selling something like this would be ebay or craigslist if you want to avoid fees and get cash.
If you're looking for a third option; trade it in.



24-11-2007 18:42:14

No man Pokemon is CRAZY, i sold old ones from my basement and i made like 120 dollars for 5 games lol.... so surprised


25-11-2007 12:37:22

$10 and you've got a deal lol