Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for $10

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20-10-2007 22:48:16

I'm selling this game because I got MGS3 Subsistence for free from someone so I don't need this game anymore. Please make offers for the amount you are willing to pay for the game. I didn't play the game once since I beat it, so the disk is in very good condition.

Here is proof I have the game [img71c739f6c8]http/" alt=""/"152/4033/[" alt=""/img71c739f6c8][=http//img="][img71c739f6c8]http/" alt=""/"152/4033/[" alt=""/img71c739f6c8]
[img71c739f6c8]http/" alt=""/"148/817/[" alt=""/img71c739f6c8][=http//img="][img71c739f6c8]http/" alt=""/"148/817/[" alt=""/img71c739f6c8]