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07-10-2007 12:10:03

Tired of your old plain txt thread. Tired of other people stealing all your potential greens? Well I can totally rework your trade thread in an way you want me too. I can theme it or just make it so people will stand in line to work w. you.
If your interested you can check out my thread at flr.


I will pimp your thread fast and effectively, so if your interested pm me here or on flr or you can im me at

Talk to you soon!!


07-10-2007 12:32:08

Is he serious?


08-10-2007 13:05:51

This is a service, not a tangible item. If you'd have read the rules at the top of this forum, you would know that intangible items aren't allowed.


08-10-2007 13:35:13

If only diablo was here.... but i'm sure TTGP will make up for that


08-10-2007 13:47:01

Please pimp my thread!!!!! how much? I got moniezzz


08-10-2007 13:50:42

I'm curious how you expect to improve anyone's thread when you can't even manage a URL tag.


08-10-2007 13:54:29

Wow this is the end of trading. You killed trading...


09-10-2007 12:00:48

[quotec24c2b02b7="manOFice"]If only diablo was here.... but i'm sure TTGP will make up for that[/quotec24c2b02b7]

Thank goodness hes gone...Its about time he got banned