How About A Dell Computer/ Digital Camera For $400 Shipped!

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27-09-2007 15:36:02

Ok, I have a new deal for ya. I will sell my Dell computer and My nice Fuji Film Digital Camera for[bfe8a6f740f] $400 Shipped.[/bfe8a6f740f]

Computer is a [bfe8a6f740f]Dell Optiplex GX520[/bfe8a6f740f]. I have had it for about 6 months.

The PC is a Dell, Flatscreen. 3.06GHz, 504MB of Ram. It has a 15' monitor and is in good shape

[bfe8a6f740f]The Digital Camera is a FujiFilm , Finepix F470[/bfe8a6f740f]
-6.0 mega pixels,
-has 3 modes, Auto, SP, and Record.
-Also comes with a XD Picture Card with 512 MB of memory.
-USB cord to connect camera to computer so you can download all pictures and recordings.
-Lithium Ion Battery Pack and Charger.
- Also included is the Manuel for the Camera

[bfe8a6f740f]ASKING $400 Shipped [/bfe8a6f740f]for both. [bfe8a6f740f]$400 [/bfe8a6f740f]can get you a nice Digital Camera and a new Computer. If ur interested in pictures, leave a comment and I will give you a link with pics of both. Thank You

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28-09-2007 05:08:17

im interested but would you be willing to ship first?


28-09-2007 08:34:31

Well, to tell you the truth, I have done that before and got screwed out of the if ur interested I will need the money first. For Payment , I prefer Check or money order. Thank you.


28-09-2007 13:20:13

lol no thank you i would not send a money order for $400 to someone with no feedback


28-09-2007 16:02:19

[quotef3eb585751="HighRollin"]lol no thank you i would not send a money order for $400 to someone with no feedback[/quotef3eb585751]

No need to threadcrap, you're not even close to being reputable on here either, I wouldn't want to send $400 worth of electronics to somebody who old posted >20 times and only has 2 feedback, you guys probably have about the same reputation, you're not some huge person on FiPG, so you can't say anything about feedback.


28-09-2007 19:39:42

Hello. Please give me the link to the pictures. Thank you.


30-09-2007 15:59:18

Here is the Link to the Pics....Let me know what you think.



30-09-2007 17:44:22

I doubt you'll find anyone here that will pay you upfront since you have no transactions here. You should either ship first to someone reputable here or else take it to ebay or craigslist.

You should also list the full specs of the machine, as omitting the fact that it is a celeron is very misleading.


09-10-2007 13:53:43

An offer for the PC - $300 shipped, money order or check.